"Sweet Home” won the public competitor “PAC2020 - Piano per l’Arte Contemporanea” promoted by the Italian Culture Ministry.
The sculpture has been thougt of as a host of cultural and social events.

Sweet Home is a site specific installation, commissioned by "Premio Suzzara” Museum.
Placed in the green area between the main embankment and the Po river, in Suzzara surroundings, the installation derives from the archetypal image of both a house and an arch, blending these two concepts in a unique CorTen sculpture. It features a squared layout and a gable roof, with a double longitudinal slot; it lays down on the grass, not on a pedestal.
The installation will be anchored to the ground, so that it’ll float on the Po river during the frequent floodplain overflows. From time to time, the Po river will play an active role in the placement of the artwork which, after each flooding, will change position, angle and orientation. So it will take part in the floodplain landscape, establishing a dialogue. 
The Po river landscape offers the opportunity of a comparison with reality: in front of the artwork site many true and real houseboats are docked.

Sweet Home - The video

(english subtitles)

Directors: Umberto Cavenago, Lorenzo Baldi, Liliana Carugati
Photography: many
Editing: Lorenzo Baldi 
Filmed in 2022

Production standard: UHD 25p
Camera: mobile phones, action cam, Panasonic GH5, drones
Lenses: many
Supporti: many
Codec: many
Postproduction: Final Cut Pro X

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