Armin Linke
Multiplications (2018-2019)
MA*GA, Gallarate (VA)

The making and context of Claudio Parmiggiani's altar at Gallarate cathedral, through the eyes of the german artist.

Umberto Cavenago
Protecziun da la patria - Homeland Protection (2018)
Mutazioni in difesa della natura, Maroggia (Swiss)

A collective backstage about Umberto Cavenago’s work, floating in the Lugano lake.
Many shot this video. Videoforart edited it.

Serena Vestrucci (September 2018)
Conversational Interviews 

"Conversational Interviews", by Ermanno Cristini, consists in a series of dialogues with artists and critics/curators, searching for meaningful insights about the art world, emphasizing a theoretical perspective.

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