Videoforart is a Social Promotion Association, as for the italian law, whose mission is to promote the knowledge of contemporary art and architecture through multimedia communication and, distinctively, video.
The founders are Lorenzo Baldi and Lilana Carugati (filmmakers), Umberto Cavenago (artist), Ermanno Cristini (artist and owner of Riss(e) Project Space), Andrea Fonzi (entreprenuur, Franco Marrocco (artist and teacher at Milan Brera Academy), Roberto Pugina (formerly teacher at Varese Art School), Giampiero Zanzi (art collector). Videoforart was born from the experience of L&L Videoforart,  Lorenzo Baldi's and Liliana Carugati’s personal project which presented their (sparse) videos from 1989 to 2013, collecting them into this website.

During the last five years, we followed some artists and exhibitions and, in collaboration with Ermanno Cristini, we developed the “Conversational Interviews” series, a theoretical insight by persons differently involved in the art world.
The website is full of photo galleries, extracted from our digital archive and from the albums called “A strolling iPhone, at exhibitions”, published on Videoforart’s Facebook page. In 2019 we started a collaboration with Gallarat MA*GA Museum, filming its exhibitions.

On the technical side, the videos belong to all geological eras of independent video production: from U-matic to Betacam to HDV and then solid state HD acquisition and 4K. From tape-to-tape editing, through Avid Media Composer, to Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve. From good old 2/3" videocameras to cinematic ones.
So definition and quality of the videos are very different, as is their style, since each one has been created working in a very close relationship with the artist, the gallery or the institution and their communication needs.


L&L Videoforart
via Como 16. 22070 Rovello Porro (CO)
Tel. 0296750334
Email: info@videoforart.it

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