Barbara De Ponti is interested in the relationships between artistic practice and geographical thoughts. This has meant trying to define the Place, the physical measure of the space combined with the experience. Thus also time is, unavoidably, always present. For the realization of the projects she uses archival funds, historical and scientific studies and collaborations with different professions. Have resulted relational works, obtained from the stratification of geography, anthropology, history and landscape architecture.
She studied at Milan's Brera Academy. Among her recent solo shows: Forma Mentis, Viasaterna, Milan, 2018; Clay Time Code, Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali Malmerendi, Museo Carlo Zauli, MIC, Faenza, 2016; To Identity, curated by A. Stella Richter, Casa dell’Architettura, ex Acquario Romano, Rome, 2015.

WEBSITE http://barbaradeponti.com

Time Map (2015)
Quarelli Art Park, Roccaverano (I)

“Hidden” into the “Steel Alcove” by U. Cavenago, the time coordinates by Barbara De Ponti.

Regia: Lorenzo Baldi, Liliana Carugati
Fotografia: Lorenzo Baldi, Liliana Carugati
Camera: Lorenzo Baldi
Montaggio: Lorenzo Baldi
Musiche: Sonoton
Girato nel 2015

Production standard: shot HD 25p, edited HD 25p
Camera: Sony NEX-FS100
Lenses: Sigma 16-35 mm f1,8, Sigma 50-100 mm f 1.8, Tokina 11-16 mm f2,8, Nikkor 50 mm f1,8
Supports: Vinten
Codec: .mov Prores HQ, AVCHD 28 Mbs
Postproduction: Final Cut Pro X

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