Saints Nazaro and Celso Church

V-VI secolo DC - Caronno Corbellaro



It's difficult to date the church, consisting in a square room with an apse. That it's certainly very antique, you can guess from the size, structure and walls. These have been built with a herringbone pattern, tipical in the years between the end of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the longobard domination (V-VI century, DC).
The church is located on the upland, near the Olona river valley. From the site you can enjoy the scenic beauties
of Como and Varese's pre-alps and of the Lepontini mountains. It lays down in the middle of the ancient pedemontana road between Gornate and Schianno.

If you want to visit, here are the GPS cohordinates:
45°45' 58" N, 08°51'19" E.

Since it's far from any residential area and situated in
a very calm countryside, we chose this place for a first test
of aerial videography.





Director: Lorenzo Baldi, Liliana Carugati

Photography: Lorenzo Baldi, Liliana Carugati

Camera: Lorenzo Baldi

Editing: Lorenzo Baldi

Music: Sonoton



Production standard: shot 4k 25p, edited HD 1080p

Camera: Dji Phantom 3, Panasonic GH4

Optics: Panasonic 14-140 f3.5-5.6

Supports: Vinten

Codec: mov H264 100 Mbps, mov 60 Mbs

Postproduction: Final Cut Pro X