The Painter and the Model


35 artists explore an issue among the most investigated by art practice, each with his own language, experiencing a workshop-exhibition in a free space of discussion.


The exhibition occupies all three floors at Assab One, withpaintings, drawings, photos, videos, installations, acoustic and performative worksand provides for a series of related meetings.


"The Painter and the Model" builds upon the experience of a group of Italian artists (Ermanno Cristini, Luca Scarabelli, Cesare Biratoni, Armida Gandini, Federica Pamio) who shared a residence in Aveiro, Portugal, invited by a group of Portuguese painters. As a result of a conversation between Ermanno Cristini and Simona Squadrito, a young italian curator who earlier worked as a model, the portuguese experience focused on a seemingly outdated practice: portrait.


The preliminary meetings at Assab One with Luca Pancrazzi, Marta Dell’Angelo and Elena Quarestani, the unique availbility of large structured spaces, the freedom allowed by a specific context gave an opportunity to expand the debate to a great number of art practices and to invite many artists, making the exhibition a coral work open to subsequent actions.




Photography, Director and Editing: Lorenzo Baldi

Music: Piotr Moss: Quatres poesies - Sonata per violoncello. Published by Sonoton



Production standard: shot UHD 25p/50p,
edited HD 25p

Camera: Panasonic GH5

Lens: Panasonic 14-140 mm f 3.5/5.6

Codec: mp4 150 Mbps

Postproduction: Final Cut Pro X