Varese's Benedictine Monasteries - 1989

(English subtitles not available)



This documentary has been filmed during 1989
for the Administration of Varese's Province (in Northern Lombardy, Italy) It shows the traces which the Benedictine monks left in the architecture of that area. From Torba's nuns to the Ganna monastery, protecting the pilgrims coming to Rome through the
Lukmanierpass; from Cairate, in the Olona valley, to the cloisters of Voltorre
and Luvinate, near the lake's river.The journey ends

at Sant'Antonino, in the historic section of the town
of Varese, with its fantastic
trompe l'oeil.



Torba (F.A.I.)

Monastero di Cairate

Chiostro di Voltorre

Badia di Ganna

Monastero di Luvinate

Sala Veratti



Directors: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Photography: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Camera: Liliana Carugati

Editing: Lorenzo Baldi

Text and historic advice: Silvano Colombo

Music: Ambrosian Chants



Production Standard: SD PAL

Camera: Sony DXC-M3

Supports: Cartoni

Registrazione: U-matic, U-matic SP

Postproduction: U-matic SP

Remastered through noise reduction and removing other recording issues, normalized audio. Deinterlaced.