The Spirit of the Lake

Stresa - 2001



This video showcases the 2001 Lo spirito del lago (The spirit of the Lake). It's a collective exhibition, each year developing a theme and now reaching the 18th edition.
It's held in Stresa and on the Isola Bella, at the heart
of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy. The organisers (with
an international scope) care Giampiero Zanzi, Milo Sacchi, Peter Gilles e Birgit KahleIt aims to promote a pure
and liberating art, with no boundaries, upholding
the l’universal thinking of the man-artist shaman-sorcerer, in such a landscape wonderland. About the given theme, the artists coming from northern and southern europe will be confronted.

Here are the titles of the 18 editions: 1997 L'occhio nudo (The Naked Eye), 1998 Amore e dolore (Love and Pain), 1999 Il mistero delle donne (Women's Mistery), 2000 Dov'è la passione (Where Passion Is),

2001 Lo voglio diverso (I want it to be different), 2002 Hic sunt leones!, 2003 Le tentazioni di Sant'Antonio (Saint Antony's Temptations , Ale Guzzetti's video, has been filmed at this edition), 2004 È bella la bestia? (Is the Beast Beautiful?), 2005 Il ponte del diavolo (The Devils' Bridge), 2006 Humilitas, 2007 Il disgelo (The Thaw), 2008 Tabula rasa, 2009 Paradiso - il tredicesimo canto (Paradise -The Thirteenth Chant), 2010 Il sogno segreto (The secret Dream), 2011 Solo i pesci morti seguono la corrente (Only Dead Fishes Go With The Flow), 2012 Lust for Life, 2013 Kangaroo - non ti capisco (Kangaroo - I Don't Understand You), 2014 Spiriti evocati (Evoked Spirits).



Looking at the names of the first four exhibitions as a continuum, this flow seems to suddenly stop. I want it to be different!! It's about the individual ego of each artist. Though everybody work at the same project, each artist has to find his own path. The community allows such a great project, but only very different individual positions can create this fascinating exhibition as a poliphonic dialogue.

At’Isola Bella the installationsi stay from july to the end
of october, and you can't view them in other galleries
or museums, which increasingly look like withe cubes.

For the first time in 2001 Lo spirito del lago is invited
Cologne Fine Art in spring. The concept of the stand
is handed to one artist and this will continue in the years
to come.


Here are the artists on display:

Peter Gilles (D), Horst Gläsker (D), Yvonne Goulbier (D), Ferdinando Greco (I), Ale Guzzetti (I), Birgit Kahle (D), Karen Kuballa (D)

Ingeborg Lüscher (CH), Apostolos Palavrakis (GR), Milo Sacchi (I), Adrian Schoormans (NL).





Directors: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Photography: Sergio Cavandoli

Camera: Sergio Cavandoli

Best Boy: Claudio Cordoni

Editing: Lorenzo Baldi

Music: Ale Guzzetti



Production standard: SD PAL

Camera: Sony DXC-D30

Camera support: Cartoni

Recording: Sony Dvcam

Postproduction: Avid Media Composer