In My Garden (1983)


"In My Garden", a children's book by Ermanno Cristini and Luigi Puricelli, printed by Neugebauer Press, has recently been achieved in New York City by The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This video was an experiment in low cost television animation, more than 30 years ago. It comes from a series of 20, produced by Dessert for the italian language Swiss Television and taken from the best children's books of the sixties and seventies. Italian titles were mostly published by Rosellina Archinto's Emme Edizioni and authored by designers as Bruno Munari, Enzo e Iela Mari and, notably, Ermanno Cristini and Luigi Puricelli.

Production technique is a special issue. In order to play down the high cost of truka and film animation, the books were dismantled and shot on 35 mm slides. The slides were rear-projected with a Kodak Carousel set of three and an Apple II Electrosonic multivision controller, through a special 3M screen.  The projection was video recorded on 2" Ampex through Ampex and Bosch studio cameras at Inter TV in Milan.

The video has been digitally restored.



Art Direction: Ermanno Cristini, Luigi Puricelli

Multivision: Lorenzo Baldi, Liliana Carugati - Studio DX

Production: Dessert per RTSI

Original Soundtrack: Ernesto Leo

Video recording: Enzo Regusci - Inter TV



Photography: Nikon F3, Ektachrome film
Multivision gear: Apple - Electrosonic

Cameras: Ampex - Bosch

Videorecording: Ampex 2"