Images of Women (1986)

Festa Nazionale de l'Unità


Some time ago, tidying up our archive, a series of slides resurfaced from a past time. In some not-so-common 4x4 cm anti-newton mounts, we found a collection of images  coming from feminist iconography. They were reproduced with high contrast film and sandwich-mounted with small pieces of coloured filters, like those used for theatrical lighting.

The iconographic research had been curated by Anna Steiner, while the images manipulation was by Roberto Rossini. The event was organised by the Women Commission of the former Italian Communist Party, namely by Ornella Piloni and Emilia De Biasi, both members of Parliament in the following years.

We helped (our audiovisual life started with multivision), packaging the slides and projecting them with the legendary Kodak Carousel slide projectors (even now, we own one).


After we found them, we digitized all the slides and, to adpat to the speed of contemporary communications, we choose some, animating them together with "Le streghe" ("Witches") by Niccolò Paganini (the original music wasn't stored with the slides).



Iconographical research: Anna Steiner

Images treatment: Roberto Rossini

Portals project: Origoni e Steiner architetti associati

Editing: Lorenzo Baldi

Music: Niccolò Paganini - Le Streghe per violino e orchestra op.8 - Pavel Sporci: violino, Petr Jirikovsky: pianoforte - Sonoton



Scanner: Epson Perfection 4870
Editing: HD 25p

Postproduction: Adobe After Effects