Massimiliano Caccamo

The Enterprise as an Artwork

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An out of topic video? Actually, no.
Massimiliano Caccamo, a long term consultant
and a man with an ample, eclectic culture, suggests that
the artwork is a metaphor good enough to reshape
an enterprise during these critical years: an alternative point of view, in respect to the widely adopted cost cutting recipe (often including innovation investments). Think
Adriano Olivetti and the intellectuals he put in key roles, or think of Steve Jobs, whose vision tightly integrated liberal arts and technology.

This educational path is proposed to managers
and professionals and begins with a whole day spent among artworks, at Rovereto's 
M.A.R.T. (Trento's and Rovereto's Modern Art Museum) or at Villa Necchi Campiglio (F.A.I's heritage) in Milan: it's a first step
to reopen the perceptual field in order to go beyond
he action-reaction  automatism  of traditional management attitudes.

A path towards the essence of things, as young Apple's designers learn studying Picasso's Bulls.

Massimiliano Caccamo was born in 1954 and studied law at Milan's Università Cattolica. He has been in charge
of corporate training at
Gruppo Pirelli and of the Management Area at Scuola Ipsoa (including Management and Corporate Communication)
In charge of the Standard Credit Companies Area

and of the Organisational Behaviour Area and Director
of the
Bank Management Master at Cefor, later he has been Director of Didasbank (Training and Cosulting
for Italian Private Banks) and a member of the executive council of AIF,
in charge of the training of trainers (more than 10 years long). In year 2000 he founded and then directed “
COME”  Network.

He wrote several articles about training and development on publications from Aif, Isper, Ipsoa, F.B and on Banche
e Banchieri.

In 2006 he published the book Formazione e Formatori-Alberi Fuori Sagoma. Riflessioni sulla formazione analogica e digitale (Franco Angeli).





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