Carlo Ciussi - No Title (1985)

Open Air Modern Art Museum

Morterone (LC, Italy)


Carlo Ciussi was born in Udine in 1930 and made his early art experiences at Fred Pittino's studio.

Living in Venice's art milieu, he was influenced by Vedova, Santomaso, Pizzinato and Viani. In 1952 he exhibits at the Youth International Biennial in Gorizia and, in 1953, Barberini Palace, in Rome, hosts his first solo exhibition. In 1964 he is invited at the XXXII Biennial in Venice.

In 1967, curated by Seuphor and Marchiori, for the first time he exhibits at the Galerie Paul Facchetti in Paris. In 1968 he takes part to the XXIII Salon des Réalités Nouvelles. In 1982 Ciussi creates a stainless steel monumental sculpture in Gibellina. In 1986 he exhibits his "Iron Sculpture II" at the XLII Biennale di Venezia.

In 1996, in the convention hall of the Fantoni Plant in Osoppo, Ciussi creates a painting on the elliptical ceiling. Abroad, Ciussi's work is exhibited at the important international fairs of Köln, Basel and Frankofurt. In 1997 he takes part to the retrospctive exhibition “Gefühle Der Konstruktion".

Carlo Ciussi dies in 2012.



The "Open Air Modern Art Museum" in Morterone was created in the mid of the eighties by the Cultural Association "Morterone's Friends", thanks to the action of Carlo Invernizzi, The Natura Naturans poet, and his sons Epicarmo and Sostene.

Morterone is a little mountain village, at the eastern foot of mount Resegone, near Como lake. Here, more than 30 paintings and sculptures have a dialogue with the unspoiled nature and the buildings of the ancient mountain community: among them and besides Carlo Ciussi, Rodolfo Aricò, Gianni Colombo, Dadamaino, Igino Legnaghi, François Morellet, Mario Nigro, Pino Pinelli, Mauro Staccioli, Michel Verjux, Rudi Wach.



Director: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Photography: Lorenzo Baldi

Editing: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Music: Carlos Eduardo Zarattini - Sonoton



Production Standard: Shot UHD 25p,
Edited HD 25p

Camera: Panasonic GH4, Dji Phantom 3 Professional

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