Self - Criticism - An A.I. Robotic Cut

NoPlace 3 - 49° Premio Suzzara

(Short Version - Sorry, no english subtitles)

Self - Criticism - NoPlace 3

49th Suzzara Price

(Complete Version - Sorry, no english subtitles)


Videoforart took part to NoPlace 3 - 49° Suzzara Price, the meeting/exhibition devised by Umberto Cavenago and developed with Ermanno Cristini. We've managed the "Self-Criticism" space, where each participant has been able to videotape a statement.

NoPlace is a social experiment, a meeting-exhibition one day long.The event is based on the rhizome metaphor: no single curator following a one-way direction, on the contrary many origins creating multi-directional connections.


The first edition took place at an industrial space, in the ex Pirelli in Monza (I), october 9th, 2015, with almost one hundred artists participating.


The second edition, 2016, march,12th, took place at Fombio Castle, where more than 3 hundred artisti invaded the castle's space with luminous artworks, videos, insallations and performances


The third esition took place in Suzzara, at the Galleria del Premio and in the whole town, with more than 6 hundred artists participating.



Director: Liliana Carugati

Photography: Lorenzo Baldi, Liliana Carugati

Editing: Lorenzo Baldi



Production Standard: HD 25p,
Editing: HD 25p

Camera: Sony PMW-EX1

Codec: Apple Prores

Postproduction: Final Cut Pro X