Gianluigi Alberio
Istant Istincts - 2013



Gianluigi Alberio was born in Rovello Porro (Como, Italy)
in 1951. Inl 1969 he graduates at Como Art School. After completing his studies, he works five years long as an Art Director. In these years he researches  about Klee's,  Kandinski's and Vasarely's, both about graphics
and painting.

In 2003 he discovers animalist painting and the Wildlife Art  movement. Fascinated, he starts studying animal life.

His painting took part in exhibitions in the most important italian towns and abroad: Milan, Rome, Treviso, Como, Torino, Bologna, Venice, Parsi, New York, Beijing, Dakar, Osaka, Berlin, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, StocKholm, Oslo, Barcellona, Dubai, London,  getting support from audiences and critics.

In 2013, he took part at the exhibition Symphonie
de couleurs
, organized by MACIA within the 55th Biennale d'Arte di Venezia. In 2014 he has been selected to exhibit at the Esposizione triennale di Arti Visive in Rome.

He has been invited to show his paintings at the most important european dogs exhibition, in Milan.

He is the sole italian artist exhibiting at the 34th Salon National des Artistes Animaliers in France. He received
Premio Ambiente.

in 2004 he founded, with some friends the Helianto association, which organized over 100 cultural and artistic events.





Directors: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Photography: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Camera: Lorenzo Baldi

Editing: Lorenzo Baldi

Music: Sonoton library



Production standard: HD 1080/25p

Camera: Sony NEX-FS-100

Camera supports: Vinten, Konowa

Codec: AVCHD 28 Mbs

Postproduction: Final Cut Pro X