Notes about the church of SS Peter and Paul

Agliate - Carate Brianza - Italy


An important historical complex, built during the second half of IX century -  XI  century, composed of a church and a baptistery, enclosed by a wooden garden. Inside the church, there are three aisles and a crypt (not showed in the video).

These are first video notes, in preparation of a more in-depth video..



Directors: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Photography: Lorenzo Baldi

Editing: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Music: ambrosian chants - Schola gregoriana pragensis - Sonoton



Production standard: Ripresa UHD 25p,
Editing: HD 25p

Camera: Panasonic GH5

Lens: Panasonic 14-140 mm f 3,5-5,6

Codec: .mp4 150 mbps,  Prores HQ

Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Color correction: Davinci Resolve 14.0 beta



Director: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Pfotography: Lorenzo Baldi

editing: Lorenzo Baldi

Music: generative piano



Production standard: Shot UHD 25p, edited HD 25p

Camera: Panasonic GH4 - Atomos Shogun Flame

Lens: Sigma 18-35 mm f 2.8

Codec: .mov  Prores HQ

Postproduction: Davinci Resolve 14.0 beta