As in many logos, L is the first letter of our names: Lorenzo (Baldi) and Liliana (Carugati). Both we are passionate about fine arts and architecture, with a huge interest in the avant-garde styles and movements. Liliana studied and taught arts at school and Lorenzo sometimes writes about it on catalogs and websites. Since 1983,
both we make corporate videos for a living. But, meeting some artists (and friends), it happpened we produced videos about their works and exhibitions.This website is the collection of these videos.


It begins from 1989, with Ale Guzzetti's Bonfire, while one of the most recent videos is about Franco Marrocco's notable exhibition at the Piccola sacrestia del Bramante in Santa Maria delle Grazie (Milan),
where Da Vinci's
Ultima Cena is housed from so many centuries.

This website has been created in order to share our work, meet new friends and produce more videos about art and architechture.

We are definitely not video artists, we make documentaries or we make video clips trying to analytically read the artworks and show them through our eyes and our technical skills.


And, on the technical side, the videos belong to all geological eras
of independent video production: from U-matic to Betacam and then solid state HD acquisition  andg 4K. From tape-to- tape editing, through Avid Media Composer, to Final Cut Pro X. From pure videocameras to cinematic ones.


So definition and quality of the videos are very different, as is their style, since each one has been created working in a very close relationship with the artist, the gallery or the institution and their communication needs.


We also added three photo galleries: one containing images shot at Il luogo di Gauss gallery, in Milan, which we co-founded at the very beginning of the eighties; the other dedicated to architectural photos. The third is iPhoneography devoted to current events and exhibitions.