Franco Marrocco - Ascent through Asceticism

Milano - S.M. delle Grazie - 2013



Born in 1956 at Rocca d'Evandro (Caserta, Italy), Franco Marrocco studied at Cassino's Liceo Artistico and at Fine Art's Academy in Frosinone. He starts painting at the end of the seventies, when he exhibits at Cassino's Centro Servizi Culturali (1978) and at the Premio Mazzacurati in Teramo (1979).

In these works you can see Francis Bacon's influence till the beginning of the eighties, when he produces the Screens and the Convoluted Poetry series. More exhibitions came at that time: they take place at Galleria Gonnelli in Florence, cat. A.B. Del Guercio, at Centro di Sarro in Rome and at Archeological Museum in Sezze (Latina, Italy).

During the eighties in his works, while previously standing out, mostly isolated, the human figure gradually changes, substituted and swallowed by anguished, unrestrained  chromatic signs made of paint matter.

In these paintings the human drama is no more depicted, rather it is recalled by color, which in a short time is going to take control of the whole canvas space.

Paintings as La Cupola” (1985-86 ) and, above all, the triptych Sul Mio Cielo Volano Anche gli Angeli (exhibited at the 11th Quadriennale Romana in 1986) are quintessential.

At the end of the eighties, Marrocco's paintings evolve freeing itself from any mimetic needs. Giving up descriptive leftovers it resolves the psychologal depth of the act of painting in terms of dreamlike sensitivity. So he resets the problem of space in an unprecedented way, in terms of a free conversation between thick brush strokes of chromatic matter. The relation between figure and background is resolved tohrough glazing lights. Such are the paintings exhibited at the turn of the decade.

From the middle of the nineties, Marrocco's research  gathers new solutions, though maintaining  substantial coherence.

His painting, speaking the language of abstraction decants and shows subtle poetry: space expands till it's assimilated by a time mesh.

During these recent years Marrocco takes part to many personal exhibitions: in 1998 at the European Parliament Exhibition Area in Bruxelles, at the Butti Museum in Viggiù (Varese, Italy) and at the Palazzetto dell'Arte di Foggia; in 1999 alt the Chiostro di Voltorre at Gavirate (Varese, Italy); in 2000 at Palazzo Reale in Casertai; in 2001 at Villa Rufolo at Ravello (Salerno, Italy); in 2003 at Romberg Galley in Latina and in 2004 Il Chiostro Gallery in Saronno (Varese, Italy).

Franco Marrocco teaches painting at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan.





Directors: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Photography: Liliana Carugati, Lorenzo Baldi

Camera: Lorenzo Baldi

Editing:  Lorenzo Baldi

Music: Krystof Meyer - Sonoton Library



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